At Slipssy, our mission is to improve social equity for all women worldwide with the sale of our products.

Still today, we have a long way to go to improve  women’s equality worldwide. There continues to be a discrepancy in terms of equal power and opportunities for financial freedom, education, personal development and more. To combat these discrepancies, we believe in our responsibility to do our part to make a positive impact for generations to come.

Slipssy is dedicated to supporting small charities that have a real impact in their communities by empowering women in education and healthcare to make the best decisions for themselves and their families. 

We are  actively involved with the Foundation Angeles de Medellin, where our CEO, Jean-Francois Asselin is associated with Mark Kaseman since 2018.

Who is Angeles de Medellin?

« Helping and supporting displaced families in Colombia »


Our mission is to inspire, instruct and provide various educational programs and services to the poor and displaced children and families living in Barrio de Regalo de dios, Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia.


To provide a safe environment for children and adults to learn computers, English and math. Also, to be a liaison for various medical, dental, educational and family programs for the families in the different barrios where office is located.


The foundation consists of the director/founder Marcos Kaseman and volunteers and supporters from over 105 countries (And counting) throughout the World, including Colombians.


Since March of 2006, Marcos has volunteered his time and money to improving the lives of the displaced families and children in El Pinar and other barrios of the Vereda Grabnazal, Bello.

 For 5 years, Marcos volunteered in the school Leon XIII teaching English and computers and also providing food and school supplies to the children. In September of 2011, Marcos opened a community center which continues to this day in the Barrio Regalo de dios. The Foundation is open to everyone with special emphasis on helping elderly and handicapped people living in the various barrios in the mountains. Throughout the year the foundation is open for children to play games, sports, and to learn respect, discipline and become productive citizens of Colombia.


English and math classes

Computer classes

Health and well being programs

Sports and activities with children

Events: Throughout the year we have parties for 500 to 4000 children. Largest events of the year being Halloween and Christmas