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Jean-Francois, Slipssy Founder & Inventor

Slipssy Ambassador Resource Center: Mastering Beauty Sleep & Beyond

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1. Introduction To Slipssy

The Problem

Traditional bedding often leads to skin creases and hair damage overnight. While silk pillowcases present partial improvements, they don't fully address the issue. Considering we move 40 to 50 times each night, the resulting friction inflicts significant harm on our hair and skin, and even strains the neck.

Slipssy: The solution

Slippsy is a unique patented two layer system that works under your current pillowcase, seamlessly working with your decor as well as reduces the friction on your hair and face by up to 80%. Unlike silk or satin, Slipssy is a medical grade product that can be machine washed and dried with your bedding for easy maintenance.

2. How Slipssy Works

How Does Slipssy Cut Down Friction on Your Skin and Hair by Up to 80%

Slipssy utilizes a breakthrough, patent-pending dual layers design to redefine and enhance sleep comfort. Crafted with innovative GlideTex material, it's specifically engineered to diminish skin deformation and hair friction during sleep. 
This unique two-layer pillow cover system operates seamlessly: one layer snugly hugs your pillow, while the other sits beneath your regular pillowcase, allowing it to glide freely as you move. This distinctive arrangement reduces up to 80% of friction transferred to the skin and hair, mitigating sleep wrinkles, and hair damage. 

 *Up to 80% friction reduction compared to standard pillow and pillowcase combinations available on the market.

3. Product Benefits

As a valued Slipssy Ambassador, your unique audience and focus area give you the power to highlight the transformative benefits of Slipssy in a way that resonates deeply. Whether your content orbits around beauty or wellness, Slipssy's three cornerstone benefits offer something special for everyone. Here are the key benefits you can choose to emphasize, tailoring your message to what your audience cherishes the most.

Hair Health

Introduce Slipssy to your audience for a Hair Health Revolution. Prevent hair breakage and achieve silky hair overnight. Ideal for influencers, Slipssy combats bed head, frizz, and knots, offering visible results from the first use. 

Prevention of Sleep Wrinkles

Introduce your followers to Slipssy, the unparalleled solution for preventing sleep wrinkles and unlocking smoother, more radiant skin every morning. Perfect for influencers passionate about skincare, Slipssy elevates nighttime routines by offering unmatched protection against sleep wrinkles.

Redefined Comfort

Share the unmatched comfort Slipssy provides, contributing to a deeper, more restorative sleep. Ideal for those focused on improving overall well-being and sleep quality.
Perfect for influencers into well-being.

4. Using Your Slipssy

5. Content Creation Tips

6. Commissions

Commission Structure and Sample Order Incentive: 
 As part of the Slipssy Ambassador Program, we’re thrilled to offer you a comprehensive commission structure designed to reward your efforts and enhance your partnership with us.
Here’s how it works: 
Sample Order Discount: Start your journey with Slipssy by ordering a sample at an exclusive 70% discount. 
This allows you to experience the difference Slipssy makes in enhancing sleep quality, reducing hair friction, and preventing sleep wrinkles firsthand. 

Reimbursement Offer: 
After achieving your third sale through your unique affiliate link, we will reimburse you the remaining 30% of your initial sample purchase. Essentially, your Slipssy sample becomes completely free after your third sale, as a bonus for your successful referrals. 

Commission Tiers: 
Tier 1: For total sales between $0-$499, you’ll earn an 18% commission. 
Tier 2: Elevate to a 20% commission once your sales reach $500-$1999.
Tier 3: Achieve top-tier status with a 22% commission for sales of $2000 and more. 

This structure is designed to provide escalating rewards for your promotional efforts. 

7. FAQ

8. Support