Slipssy's Fiery Adventure: A Dive into de Beauty & Wellbeing Realm with the Dragons!


Hey there, Slipssy aficionados and beauty enthusiasts!

Got your skincare routine down pat? Found that perfect lip gloss shade? Well, hang onto your jade rollers because we've got a story that's hotter than your latest beauty hack! Jean-Francois Asselin and his trusty partner Jean-Francois Cloutier from Team Slipssy didn't just walk into the legendary dragon's lair – they sashayed in with style.

🎥 Setting the Scene in the Beauty World

As we stepped into the spotlight of "Dans l'oeil du dragon" on Radio Canada on the 18th of April 2023, we had more than just a product pitch. We were there with a revolution in beauty and wellbeing, aiming to turn heads and capture hearts. Picture this: a world where beauty isn't just about what's on the surface but radiates from within.

Jean-Francois, with his keen sense of the beauty and wellbeing industry, was all charm and charisma. His partner, Jean-Francois Cloutier added the much-needed market dynamics. And while all dragons were curious about the innovative streak of Slipssy, Christiane Germains from Hotel Germain stood out.

Jean-Francois Asselin the founder of Slipssy present the anti-friction benefits to the Dragons

🌟 A Slipssy Spark with Christiane Germains

Yes, you read that right! Following the recording, Christiane Germains was so smitten with the comfort of Slipssy that she reached out to Jean-Francois directly. The word on the street (or should we say, in the email?) was that Slipssy was incredibly comfy. Talks of setting up a meeting to delve deeper into the world of Slipssy are in the air. Exciting, right?

🌿 Navigating Beauty & Wellbeing With The Dragons

The dragons, known for their discerning tastes, were genuinely curious about Slipssy's innovation. While no offers were tabled (we’re a bit early-stage for their usual picks), they resonated with our passion. The dragons felt we're on the right path and, in their words, "know what we're doing." Oh, and did we mention the light-hearted moment? Jean-Francois couldn't resist poking fun at a sleep wrinkle on Nicolas Duvernois' (the brain behind Pur Vodka) forehead. All in good fun, of course!

But what truly stood out was Jean-Francois's ability to convey Slipssy's unique slippery characteristics and its myriad benefits, blending both allure and function.

🚀 The Beautiful Journey: From Brainwaves to Dragon's Den (Dans l’oeil du dragon) 

From creating a product that redefines beauty norms to ensuring it champions overall well-being, our journey has been a whirlwind of emotions and discoveries. As we unveiled Slipssy to the dragons, it was our moment to showcase that true beauty lies in embracing and enhancing what nature has blessed us with.

🖥️ Missed the Beauty Buzz?

Busy with a rejuvenating face mask session or lost in a meditation groove? No worries! Dive right into our dragon-swaying episode here on Radio Canada's site. Experience the beauty realm like never before!

💬 Joining Hands with the Beauty Community

We aren’t just a brand. We're a movement. A space where beauty and well-being connoisseurs come together to share, learn, and radiate. Your stories, feedback, and transformations fuel our journey. With every essence drop and brush glide, it's about beautifying the body and soul.

Here’s to redefining beauty standards, celebrating individuality, and spreading love one Slipssy at a time! 💄🍃

Stay radiant, stay Slipssy!

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