Did you know that for most of us, throughout our entire lives, we spend an enormous 26 years sleeping?

And as crazy as it may sound, we also spend 7 full years just trying to get to sleep.

That is a total of 33 years, or, 12,045 days spent in bed!

These facts really ignited something in us, and wet though, if the entire world is sleeping for 1/3 of their lives, shouldn’t we all have the best available sleep experience possible? Combined with the fact that even if we don’t want it, we all get older. Even in our sleepy time with those unsolvable sleep wrinkles, creases, bed heads, and the lists goes on and on with the abuse from all the frictions and tensions hat our face has to endure at night. And if you didn’t know, sleep scientists reported that we move our head an average of 13 times an hour during our sleep, and since silk only has a small role in resolving those issues, we know there had to be a better way.

So, This is where our nights began to get shorter and shorter, in our quest to try and solve all these issues and abuses that we go through, all night ,without having word to say about it, till now. 

So  finally, After 18 month of research and development, working with amazing textile craftsmen, brilliant scientists and beauty care expert, over countless sleepless nights, Slipssy came to life, with its unique, patent pending ultimate anti-aging sleep technology. 

Slipssy, the new gold standard for night time comfort.