Introducing the world’s first anti aging pillow cover technologie, that prevents sleep wrinkles, bed head and hair loss, by releasing 70% of facial tensions , for a one of a kind sleeping experience.

  • Anti-Aging

    With it’s unique and innovative technologie, Slipssy reduces drasticaly the friction and mechanical tensions on your facial skin while you sleep, which prevents the formation of sleep wrinkles, creases and hair loss, for an exceptional night sleep.

  • Award Winner

    Slipssy proudly won the prestigious
    ‘’New Product Innovation Award 2022’’ at the congress ''Les Nouvelles Esthetiques & Spa'' in Montreal, Canada.

  • Recommended by Clinicians

    Slipssy is recommended by plastic surgeons, aesthetics physicians and recognize injecting nurses , such as Marie-Eve Savard, and is sold in beauty salons, cosmetics and dermatology clinics across canada care.

70% Less Tension Applied on Your Facial Skin

Our patent pending technology helps your  pillowcase to move freely with your skin during sleep motions, reducing the repetitive abrasive effects of your pillowcase on delicate facial skin.

How It Works

The innovation behind our technology, is a high quality polyester two layers pillow cover system that goes over your pillow and under your favorite pillow case, so, you get all the benefits and incredible comfort of Slipssy, without compromising your bed room decor. With the  beautiful travel bag, bring your Slipssy comfort everywhere you go.