The world’s first anti aging pillow cover, that prevents sleep wrinkles, bed head and hair loss, by releasing up to 80% of facial tensions , for a one of a kind wonderful sleep experience.

How Does Slipssy Cut Down Friction Impact on Your Skin and Hair by Up to 80%

Slipssy utilizes a breakthrough, patent-pending dual layers design to redefine and enhance sleep comfort. Crafted with innovative GlideTex material, it's specifically engineered to diminish skin deformation and hair friction during sleep. This unique two-layer pillow cover system operates seamlessly: one layer snugly hugs your pillow, while the other sits beneath your regular pillowcase, allowing it to glide freely as you move. This distinctive arrangement reduces up to 80% of friction transferred to the skin and hair, mitigating sleep wrinkles, and hair damage.

*Up to 80% friction reduction compared to standard pillow and pillowcase combinations available on the market.

  • Made with superior fabric

    Crafted from premium polyester, GlideTex delivers unmatched comfort, minimizing friction like never before. Its superior durability stands the test of time, while its inherent breathability promises uncompromised comfort.

  • Award Winner

    Slipssy proudly won the prestigious
    ‘’New Product Innovation Award 2022’’ at the congress ''Les Nouvelles Esthetiques & Spa'' in Montreal, Canada.

  • Recommended by Clinicians

    Endorsed by leading aesthetic professionals like Marie-Eve Savard, Slipssy is sold in top-tier beauty salons and dermatology clinics across Canada. Revolutionize your skincare routine with our clinician-recommended solution.

Transform Your Hair Overnight!

One night, and your hair transformation begins. Yolanda says it best, 'Are you kidding? The results are insane.' Try Slipssy today and experience the difference for yourself.

Hair Woes to Hair Wows: Slipssy's Before & After Journey

Just 3 months of using our unique dual-layer pillow cover and this client's stubborn cowlick vanished. From night one, experience less hair breakage and reduced hair loss. Check out her incredible before-and-after. Imagine the change Slipssy can bring to your bedtime routine

How to Install Slipssy: The Ultimate Anti-Aging PIllow Cover Solution