Slipssy Shines on "Niki's Late Summer Styles Segment on CTV Calgary"

Exciting news for all Slipssy enthusiasts! On August 4th, the charismatic Niki Anastasakis featured our very own Slipssy in her "Niki's Late Summer Styles" segment on CTV Calgary.

Having used Slipssy for several weeks now, Niki enthusiastically shared the benefits of our innovative pillow cover with her audience. Her genuine appreciation for the product emanated through the screen, making it evident that she's not just presenting it, but is a genuine fan!

Niki, a young TV presenter with a bright and promising career ahead, is becoming a favorite for many with her lively and engaging segments. It's no surprise that a product as unique as Slipssy caught her eye. We're thrilled to have such a dynamic personality vouch for the tangible benefits of Slipssy.

But wait, there's more! If you head over to Niki's Instagram page, there's a giveaway underway. Lucky participants have the chance to win a Slipssy, among other amazing products. It's an opportunity you don't want to miss!

Media attention around Slipssy is growing, and with features like this, we're confident that Slipssy is set to become a household name in the coming months.

Curious to watch the segment? Click here to see Niki's glowing review of Slipssy on CTV Calgary.

Keep an eye out for more media appearances, and as always, sleep well with Slipssy!


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