Slipssy Shines Bright on The Morning Show on CHCH

Slipssy Shines Bright on The Morning Show on CHCH


Hey Sleep Enthusiasts,

Guess what? Slipssy made its debut on The Morning Show on CHCH, and it was quite the moment. Style expert Nathalie Sexton spilled the beans on her top picks for a dreamy sleep experience, and Slipssy's pillow covers stole the spotlight!

Jeff McArthur, the host with the wit, compared Slipssy to a non-stick fry pan – smooth and damage-free hair is the goal, right?

Nathalie Sexton let us in on Slipssy's cool factor, describing it as a multitasking anti-aging device. A pillow cover that fights wrinkles? We're intrigued!

Nathalie loved the product, and so did the hosts. It's a humble brag, but we're blushing a bit.

If you missed the action, catch Slipssy's spotlight on The Morning Show here. Dive in and discover why Slipssy is creating a buzz.

The Morning Show, hosted by Jeff McArthur and Carolyn MacKenzie, welcomed Slipssy into their downtown Toronto studio for an hour of smart conversation and lifestyle insights.

Ready to join the Slipssy sleep revolution? Stay tuned for more bedtime adventures because, with Slipssy, every night can be a dream come true.

Sleep tight,
Team Slipssy

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