✨ Slipssy – As Seen in Elle Canada! ✨

✨ Slipssy – As Seen in Elle Canada! ✨

Guess what? Slipssy is making waves! We've been featured in the spotlight of Elle Canada, and we're bringing the magic to your beauty sleep. 🌙💖

When was the last time your pillow cover had a skincare routine? Well, if it hasn’t, it's time to meet Slipssy – the Canadian brand that's turning your beauty sleep into a whole new experience.

Imagine a pillow cover that's not just a bedtime buddy but a wellness and beauty essential. After 18 months of diving into the world of textiles, science, and beauty expertise, they unleashed a two-layer pillow cover that’s got everyone talking.

And guess what? Slipssy isn’t your regular sleep accessory; it's a 2022 innovation award winner! Montreal’s Les Nouvelles Esthétiques et Spa convention gave it the stamp of approval, and it's time you experience the magic.

Why should you give it a try? Let us spill the tea

🌟 Skincare in Your Sleep Say goodbye to those stubborn pillow creases that love camping on your face. Slipssy's two-layer pillow cover reduces skin friction by up to 80%, so you're fighting wrinkles before they even think about showing up.

💁‍♀️ Hair Love Your hair deserves some love too! Slipssy isn’t just about pampering your skin; it's a hair care superhero. No more breakage, tangles, or waking up to a hair catastrophe – Slipssy minimizes the damage and leaves you with healthier, happier hair.

👩‍⚕️ The Pros Approve If you're wondering if it's legit, here's your answer – Slipssy comes with a seal of approval from clinicians, plastic surgeons, aesthetic-medicine pros, and other industry leaders. They tried it, loved it, and saw a real difference in their sleep quality.

🌍 Making a Difference Slipssy isn’t just changing bedtime routines; it's changing lives. With a commitment to social equity, Slipssy is partnering with small charities, empowering women and children in vulnerable communities. Plus, they’re launching a sewing school in Colombia – where the magic happens.

Ready to redefine your beauty sleep? Slipssy is more than a pillow cover; it's a game-changer. Experience the 70% less friction, wave goodbye to hair drama, and sleep like never before. Slip into the new standard of sleep luxury – Slipssy. 💤✨

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Sweet dreams, The Slipssy Team 🌙💖

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